September 15, 2017
1 Month and 24 days left
until our reunion.
"Who Will Be There"
updated today, July 10, 2017
Friday - 6/30/2017
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Park High Class of '60'
Turning 75 Reunion 


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Flyers Returned - Unable to Forward

Bonnie Fergus Marsh, Dennis Hogbin Galipo, Dennis L Johnson, Garry Johnson, Morgan Meissner,  Dan Ruud, Lewis Webster & Gini Willetts Koski

Terry Lewis  passed away May 8, 2017

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Sunday April 23, 2017
UPDATE:  If you just checked into our website:

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We are having a Turning "75" Reunion Party
September 15-17, 2017

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If you missed the 50th & the 55th - Join us This Time!
We have name tags because we do need them 😂


*Note from SKIP*
Golf Outing on Friday, Sep. 15th  
First T-time is at 9:30, Lunch to follow at about 12:30.  Cost is $45 per golfer for cart, fees, lunch, and prizes.

 Non-golfers can join us for lunch, cost is $18:
Menu: Burgers and/or Brats, Salads, Relishes, Dessert, and a Non-alcoholic Beverage.  

Golfers wear soft spikes (plus collared shirt, etc.),
rental clubs are limited and not so great, so plan ahead!
 Please sign up and pay by Aug. 25th as we need an accurate count for golf and lunch.  Thanks!
If you haven't signed up as yet, contact me via e-mail or phone and I'll work you into a group--Skip


See the Accommodation section in
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for info on
the Racine Architect Hotel (Marriott)
 Rate is $139 plus tax, and they will block rooms until August 15, 2017.



I just put in an article "Heroes & Refugees" which tells the story of some of our classmates and teachers during WW II.  Also, I reactivated the 4 pages of "Looking Back" a snapshot of our time at Park 1957-1960.  

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Check it out---Skip  


Jane Ozowski Marsolek's

55th reunion pictures are on a separate page.
Click on Pictures by JANE OZ in the menu on the right.
Desert Dwelling Classmates out to lunch in Arizona
Click on to enlarge.
Click on to enlarge.

  1st. - Tom & Lorraine Christiansen, Karen Theos, Jan & Ralph Sadlon, Dean Theos,  Carole & Phil Korzilius.
2nd. - 
Carol & Phil KorIlius, Tom & Lorraine Christiansen, Karen & Dean Theos, Jan & Ralph Sadlon.


Phil Korzilius, Dean Theos, Ralph Sadlon
Phil Korzilius, Dean Theos, Ralph Sadlon
Looking forward to the 75th Birthday Party

Dean Theos, Ralph Sadlon, and I (Phil) attended the first round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament this past Thursday 2/2/17  As you might guess, our conversation turned to the "Turning 75 Party" in September.  So we thought we'd send you the attached photo to document the golf-friendly weather we're enjoying in Arizona in February.  Unfortunately, Tom Christiansen and Rusty Gladyes weren't able to join us on Thursday to make a more complete picture.

****Note from Sam Rogers*****
He just let me know he booked with the old Marriot now called "Racine Architect Hotel & Conference Center through for 69.95 + lots of tax
they charged him 600.41 for 7 nights. 
Dont know how long that will last.  
12/13/16 update

FYI: Suzie Bown's husband did get the Marriot (old name) for $69.00 via Hotwire.You can put your name on their website and when the price goes down to $69. you will get a notice from them.
Note: down side of reservation there is no refund

April 7, 2016

Park's 45th Class Reunion
 At the Chartroom & Meadowbrook CC  
You can see the DVD made by Patrick Murphy,
Jeanne Jensen Murphy's husband. 
Photo credits at the end
1st Youtube is 17 minutes
2nd  is 10 minutes

Here are 2 out of 3 videos I took on Saturday night after dinner when the dancing started.
I put them on YouTube to post here. 

Park Class of 60 ~ 2015 ~ 55th Reunion ~ 1st Video - 9/26/2015

Park Class of 60 ~ 2015 ~ 55th Reunion ~ 2nd Dance Video ~ 9/26/2015

When you click on the links above which bring to YouTube 
there are also 3 videos of the 35th reunion showing in the right side.
Submitted by Karen just so you know this safe!

*****History of Park High*****
This is an interesting Link
Classmates that have passed in the last 2 years.
 Barbara Jordan Ives passed away March 3 2017
Lawrence "Larry" E Hansen
12-22-1941 - 2-26-1017


Roberta Anderson (Krause) passed away Feb. 2, 2016


James J. “Jim” Halkowitz, age 74, passed away February 16, 2017.  


Richard 'Dick' Polzin died Tuesday 1-3-2017


Richard C Gerardo

RACINE - Richard C. Gerardo, age 74, December 25, 2016 
Martina Mullis Kieliszewski
passesd away Saturday August 20th.
Stan Scopel, 74, passed away 12/20/16
Ronald E Davidson (Roslansky) passed away May 14, 2016.

Joanie Jensen died January 13, 2016 in Ocean Shores, Washington
No other information is available.
Oscar H. Johnson Union Grove – Oscar H. Johnson, Jr., 74,
passed away on April 4, 2016

Reed Harding passed away Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jim Thomas passed away Dec. 24th in Wild Rose, WI
His obituary is in the Dec. 27th Journal Times.
Our 55th Park High Reunion 2015
55th Reunion Booklet Cover by Roger Nunet
The whole reunion committee loves it.
Thank you Roger!

Note from Lynn Bratley:
I am still basking in the warm glow of our great reunion weekend. It was above and beyond. The committee worked so hard to make it all go smoothly.  I will take the poll, but just want you to know that I would love to be there and it doesn't matter at all if it's connected to the sidewalk party - Racine has so many good places to re-visit - I could enjoy being back for a week and not do and see everything I'd like to.
Dear Class of 1960 - Thanks for a wonderful 55th reunion - I'm already looking forward to the next one!  I  lived in the Boston area since 1965.  I always thought I'd move back to Wisconsin one day, but as you know, one thing leads to another and another, and for me, two daughters, three grandchildren, an ex and a great new marriage adding two more grandkids has kept me happily on the east coast. I started a non-profit company in 1984 to teach people about addiction prevention through theater. The actors who tour with the plays are all young people in long-term recovery.  I am still there as Founder and Artistic Director, and thought you would like to see what I've been doing for the past 31 years. We are the Improbable Players, and the website is
Note from Becky Fanning Sohr:
Thanks for the email. I'm sure that I missed a really good time! The booklet filled me in on what is going on with many of our old group...and it is getting to be an old group....but we are still here!! Ron and I have been living in Nashville since 1980 and our four sons and their families are mostly all here...14 grandchildren grandson in Virginia and a granddaughter who just moved to San Francisco..the rest here or in university somewhere. Ron still has an uncle in Racine and a few cousins nearby, but we haven't been back to Wisconsin in a while and they usually come here to visit. I do have a granddaughter that wants to visit at the University of Wisconsin so that may bring us back!   A 75th birthday party sounds fun...if we can all remember to show up!...can't believe we're all that old! Time does fly and things do change! Greetings to everyone from me!  Becky
9-29-15 from Tom Peterson:
Thank you so much for sending me the reunion picture, which I think is the 20th, the one and only one I attended.  Looking at these pictures sure does bring back memories.  One is after all these years, instead of losing some hair and gaining a few pounds, why couldn't the opposite happen?  Give my best wishes to all my classmates and maybe I can make the 60th.  Moved to Texas in 1966 with a job transfer with a Racine Company & have never had any regrets.  I still have 2 sisters in Racine.  You could always keep up with me by contacting Mary Nielsen.    Thanks again, Tom.
Many classmates were taking pictures.  If you would like any of them posted, send a copy to Karen 1960 Park High @ yahoo. com
delete the spaces though in the above address.
Thanks, Karen 

Click on the following pictures to ENLARGE
Click to enlarge & Double Click for Big Picture
Click to enlarge & Double Click for Big Picture
                 The 55th Reunion is Over!
Pictures are being added.
These are the golfers & quests on Friday morning.

This picture will enlarge.
Click to enlarge, click again for big picture of Golfers for the Scramble
Click to enlarge, click again for big picture of Golfers for the Scramble
Front: Skip foster, Jeanne Jensen, Larry Hansen, Brent Kapellusch
Back: Gene Kraning, Bill Nelson, Penny Naleid, Art Simmons, Ted Christensen, Jerry Franke, Jim Weiss
Click and double click to enlarge
Click and double click to enlarge
Dennis Kommer, Ted Christensen, Jeanne Jensen, Bill Nelson,
Gene Kraning, Dan Amundsen
( You can click to enlarge most of the pictures and click again to see a big picture) :-)
Sheila, Kathy & James in front,
Ken Mazmanian, Marilyn Karlsen & Larry Hansen in back.
James Weiss & Penny Naleid
Mary Paz, Kathy Foster, Jacque & Ken Boutell
Kathy Foster & Hugh David Williams
Dennis Kommer & Sheila Sipher Lopour
Dennis congratulating Penny Naleid on her winning the playooff putt for 1st place team.  Yea Penny!
Art Simmons, Dan Amundsen, Jerry Franke on the left.
Skip Foster, Dennis Kommer, Gene Kraning on the right.
Lynn Bratley, Jane Ozowski, Ann Newman
Larry Hansen, Ken & Jacque Boutell, Skip Foster's brother & wife at the picnic table in background.
Dennis Kommer & Karen Manke
Jeanne Jensen & Judy Spencer
Pizza Party at Mike & Angelo's Banquet Hall
55th Reunion Casual Pizza Party Friday Evening
Ruth Kohl, Judy Spencer, Sharon Woitshek
Jane Ozowski, Lynn Bratley, Joan Petersen, Sue Barna,
Ann Newman, Lois Carroll
Same group as above, only this is Take 2 - More Fun  :-) 
Joan Petersen, Sue Barna, Ann Newman, Judy Spencer
Tom & Ginny Lange in front, Mark & Erika Bondo, Carol (Jensen) & Phil Korzilius
Gene Kraning, Mike Grayson, Phil Korzilius, Russ Schroeder
Gus Petrakis, Sheila Sipher, Brent Kapellusch
Marla Boring, Roger Nunet, Barb Butler, Bonnie Miller
Ellen Jensen, Norm Costello (Bev Hodgins hubby)standing.
Tom Knaus & James Petrakis
Hanne Andersen Roepke. Pat Drettwan, Jan Petrakis, Jim Weiss, Jay Roepke
Camera messed up picture :-(
Jim Weiss & Joan Farrell
Phil Korzilius & Karen Manke
Lynn Bratley, Ken Kehl, Sally VonGoten
Franklin Jr High Crew!
Sent from Ann Newman; Ann, Lynn Bratley & Sally Von Goten
So Young....
Kay Christensen, Lois Cummings, Toni Metz,
Judith (Judy's daughter), Judy Hetchler
Sharon Woiteshek, Lois Carroll, Sandy Wittke
Dotty Infusino standing,
Kay Christensen, Lois Cummings, Toni Metz, Judith & Judy Hetchler
Carol Jensen Korzilius & Dotty Infusino Butts
Pizza Night and all having a good time chatting.  Pizza & Salad were Great!
Bill Nelson, Jim Mascari (crashed our party), Sam Rogers
Dinner at Infusino's Banquet Hall

Part of the Reunion Committee: Ellen Jensen Ross, Beverly Hodgins Costello, Karen Manke Weiss, Jeanne Jensen Murphy,
Sheila Sipher Lopour, Barb Butler Nunet, Toni Metz Hammes
Josephine Neff, Ellen Jensen, Toni Metz
Marla Boring Mayer, Beverly Hodgins, Barb Butler
A Bunch of Our Guys...
Ken Kehl, Gus Petrakis, James Petrakis sitting,
Skip Foster, Dale Webers, Ron Novak, Brent Kapellusch,
Mark Bondo, Tom Knaus, Sam Rogers
Phil & Carol Korzilius, Dottie Infusino Butts with Noreen Hatcher
Erika Bondo standing
Mark & Erika Bondo, Ginny & Tom Lange
Photos courtesy of Carol M Jensen Korzilus
Ken Rymenams, Ken & Jacque Boutell, Judy Francis Henning
Tom & Karen Howell, Lon Putzer,
Judy Hetchler Lutz,Carol Larsen Palmer, Josie Neff in background.
Judith A Christensen, Howard Heusdens, Mike Grayson, Lois Carroll, Sharon Woiteshek
Kathy Foster, Joan & Jon Hancock, Mary Paz Rogers
Ralph, Sadlon, Vincent Savaglio , Ken & Diane Kehl, Phil & Joanne Donaldson, James Petrakis
Art & Lorraine Simmons
Barb & Jerry Franke, Dennis & Terri Danner, Dan & Judy Amundsen, Lance & Sheryl Anastasio
Joan (Petersen) & Jon Hancock, Ellen Jensen Ross
Barb & Roger Nunet, Bill Boehm, Norm Costello,
Toni Metz, Judy Hetchler, Carol Larsen, Josie in background
Sheila, Barb & Roger
Dennis Danner in back.
McKinley Gals
Kathy Olson,Carol Jensen, Beverly Hodgins, Dotty Infusino,
Sharon Woiteshek, Marilyn Karlsen, EllenJensen, Judy Francis,
Lois Carroll, Karen Manke
Something was funny so we all laughed! :-D
Carol Larsen Palmer with sister Judith Larsen,
Judy Hetchler Lutz, Toni hiding behind blue flower,
Alice Koski, Josephine Neff, Lois?
Bonnie Miller Gagnon, Marla Boring Mayer, Sheila Sipher Lopour, Barb Butler Nunet
We'll be thinking about having a 75th Birthday Party 2 years?
2015 Pictures and Notes for the 55th Sent in Follow Below
* This email was received from Russ Pannier *
Russ went to McKinley and Park, but left in his Senior year
for Beloit where he graduated from. 
Thanks, Karen, for your generous invitation to attend the September reunion. I attended McKinley. At your suggestion, I looked over the Washington Park website and saw many names and faces that I remember. I won’t be able to attend the reunion, but very much appreciate your contacting me because it has motivated me to thoughtfully reflect back upon a crucially-formative period of my life...Russ
Note from Suzanne Mortenson:
Have a great time this weekend. I wish I could be there. I have three weeks left of radiation and then I should be feeling pretty good. We should be going to FL on Oct. 20.  Hope to see you in FL. Give everyone my best.
Take care, Sue Kleinschmidt
John & Susan Williams
Bruce Hansen
Bruce Hansen
Still golfing and living the dream!   Bruce

Carol Westberg Stuck at the Harley Davidson Museum 'Getting ready to ride'
Mark & Erika Bondo  Click to enlarge
Mark & Erika Bondo Click to enlarge
Mark and Erika Bondo in Vienna this July.  They will be attending the 55th Reunion 
The information where everyone is will be interesting. Being in Florida for over 40 years it’s nice to know if anyone else is here. Thanks for all you people are doing. I wish at times I was still in Racine. EXCEPT of course in the winter. LOL.
Keep up the fantastic work. I love it.
Best wishes, Gail Clark Severson with hubby Marvin.
A Good Idea!
Bill Horvath doesn't have email.  His daughter, Jennifer, sent me her email address so Bill will receive all the info we send out through Broadcast Email.  We realize that many classmates do not have email. It would be so great if other classmates (who don't do computers) would have their children let us email them.
There are only a few Broadcast Emails sent out for a reunion, notification of an upcoming reunion (so you know the date), information about the reunion events and a reminder to sign up. 
No email addresses are given out to anyone.  It is the easiest way for the committee to communicate with you  versus snail mail.
The Welcome page serves as a bullentin board of what is going on as it is the first place the website opens to.
Frank Garski and Alan  Click to enlarge
Frank Garski and Alan Click to enlarge
Congratulations to Frank Garski and his partner of 34 years, Alan, who were married in Jan. 2015.  Frank will be unable to attend the reunion, but sends his regards.

Click on to enlarge.
Click on to enlarge.
Sandra Johnson Kinard with her mom. 
I would love to attend this year, but my mother has recently been in the hospital and nursing home. There is still a possibility that I can attend 
I enjoyed talking to Barb Nunet and Ellen Ross.
There are so many of my classmates that I am anxious to meet again.
The reunion activities sound like fun and I know you all work hard to make the plans.
Great Music Link

Enjoy Listening to The Fifties Music
We All Will Remember


Reunion Booklet Cover by Lamonte Westmoreland.....
The 2 trees in front were donated in memory of
Warren Smith, Principal of the Class of 1960.



Monday, 11-14- 2011 Veterans Day Salute in Green Bay

Park's Hall of Fame for 2014

Inducts 2 from Class of 1960

Sue Barna Cook  &  John R Nickelsen

The Hall of Fame was started in 1974 by directing principal James C. Thompson.
Hall of Fame members must be Park High School graduates, have graduated at least 10 years prior to induction and achieved noteworthy status in the person’s profession or in the area of humanitarianism. A brief letter of nomination indicating the nominee’s name, year of graduation and accomplishments may be sent to Park High School. A committee of Park High School teachers and administrators reviews résumés submitted by nominees before the final selection is made.  Inductees include graduates from as far back as 1929. The inductees for 2014 include 2 from Class of 1960:

See more in the "Park's Hall of Fame" Section of our site.

Journal Times article can be seen with this link:


Our Classmate Russ Schroeder Hunting Down Wild Rice. 
 He was in Milwaukee's Journal Sentinal the 28th of Sept. 
The above link has the very nice article about harvesting rice.  
Our Class of 60 keeps busy!
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Almost 41,041......

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New Picture in today June 26, 2013
The guys look great and I'll bet they had a good time!Nice looking fish too :-)
That 70's Bunch of Fishermen 1 year later.
Click on picture and click again to enlarge.

Dave Pellegrin, Tom Christiansen, Art Simmons, Dave Webb, Ken Kehl , Tony Bruton, Willard "Bill" Olson

 Bottom Row kneeling ( we did NOT need any help in getting up)

 Skip Foster, David Williams, Sam and Stu Moebus who is a friend of Ken Kehl's and is now a friend of ours as well.

All is well, I hope you are also! Thanks for sending this out!

The Winslow Wonder (Sam)


The following confirmation pictures are of classmates from the
Park High Class of 1960
1957 Atonement Lutheran Church Confirmands
Back Row: Tom Wridt, ?, Claude Tower, ?, James Sewell, Jeff Gayhardt, Larry Seeger,?.  Middle Row: Ron ?, Bill Hansen, ?
Back Row: Tom Wridt, ?, Claude Tower, ?, James Sewell, Jeff Gayhardt, Larry Seeger,?. Middle Row: Ron ?, Bill Hansen, ?, Pastor, Judy Standish, Gary Bolton, John Coates. Front Row: ?, Sharon Niedermeyer?, Karen Ludvigsen, Jeanne Jensen, Judy Christensen,Shirley Larsen, Sharon hanes, ?
Gethsemane Lutheran Church 1957 Confirmation Class
Holy Communion Church 1957 Confirmands

I see many familiar faces, Judy Spencer between Karen Borkus & Joan Petersen is next to Donna Tomasek and Sandy Caron. 
Tom Beck, Ralph Sadlon, Russ Schroder, Al Draves, Tim Alders & John Kessler in the back row.  Joyce DeLuca, Sue Barna, Scott Jensen are there. 
If you send me the names, I will put them in.
Grange Ave. Methodist Church Confirmation 1957

b. Colleen Wescott, Joan Rein, ?, Dick Snyder, John Melgaard, John Guenther
middle- Joan Jensen, Penny Naleid, Mary Drewel, ?, John Johnson, ?
f. row-Carol Jensen, Gwen Evans, Mickey LeMeer, ?, ?, John Smalanke
Photos Classmates Have Sent In
The Mitchell Girls had a great week-end!
Mitchell Knights' Cheerleaders
Mitchell Knights' Cheerleaders
Back Row - Carol Jensen, Ellen Snyder, Kathy Priaulx
Front Row - Sandy hansen, Karen Sorensen, Sue Thierbau
Juniors of Class of 60
Click on picture to enlarge
Click on picture to enlarge
More Juniors Class of 1960
And More Juniors
Franklin Jr. High School 1957 Basketball Champions

New (old) Picture That Has Come In.  Some names have come in.

Back Row: Skip Foster, Coach Belden,Jerry Wakefield, Jim Doss, ??, Don Robinson, Ralph Sadlon, Gordon Flowers, Tony Bruton.  Front Row: H.D. Williams, Dale Roushia, ??, Rick Anderson, Terry Bahr, Orlando Lee?, John Sficos are in it, but who are the rest?
Click and click again on picture to enlarge. 

***Updated Hall of Fame with the Journal Times article***

Click on Menu on the right side of this page for
Park High's Hall of Fame
recent pictures and info
Scholarship Recipient Awards


Park High School, early photo.  Opened in 1928, replacing the old Racine High School.  It was built larger than Horlick, which opened in the same year, to accommodate larger population growth on the South and West side of Racine at the time.

Much of the history and memorabilia from Racine High School were moved to Park.  Joan of Arc (donated by the Racine HS Class of 1904), "The Beacon" school newspaper, and the yearbook, "Kipikawi" (Native American name for the Root River) all transfered to Park from Racine HS, the first public school in Wisconsin, 1852.  The "Panther" mascot was named by the class of 1949 after an American Indian mound that was thought to be in the shape of a panther.

Joan of Arc in the library to protect her.
Joan of Arc in the library to protect her.

2 links Worth while viewing!!!  Enjoy!

Type in the year you were born.  Interesting!

**2010 50th Park High Reunion**

50th Reunion Photos Are Posted in Albums
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The reunion photos posted below can also be viewed in the different photo albums.
Click and Click again to enlarge.


Before the Golfing Event on Friday
A great day on the links...the weather was perfect!
 Patsy Cline sang 'She Got You'

The Four Diamonds sang "Little Darlin'
Pictures that are also in the Friday, Saturday & Sunday albums located in Photos New & Old.
Roger...Carole...Tom (in back)...Bill & Norm
Ron & Eleanor
Joan & Gary
Reunion Poll
How Many Are For a 75th Birthday Party in 2 Years?

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