Racine Videos

There are a number of Park High and Racine Videos available online.  If you have access to youtube, check out the following titles and codes:

Racine Park 75th Anniversary: Oi4MY3n61c4&t=1116s

Racine After Dark: KPcy-vuI3zE

Racine, WI Firetruck Run 4th of July: NC1kMnCTRI

City of Racine Vintage Video: m_zbObx1PA

You can enter the title on you tube, or  type in the code( I didn't have good lluck using the code) and it should bring you to the proper video.  Some of them have sound.  The Park 75th video has some pictures of the Petrakis boy's fathers in the shot of the 1930's football team!  I wasn't able to upload the videos to the website, sorry---Skip