10 Class Reunions
2015 - After the 55th Reunion
Note from Lynn Bratley:
I am still basking in the warm glow of our great reunion weekend. It was above and beyond. The committee worked so hard to make it all go smoothly.  I will take the poll, but just want you to know that I would love to be there and it doesn't matter at all if it's connected to the sidewalk party - Racine has so many good places to re-visit - I could enjoy being back for a week and not do and see everything I'd like to.
Dear Class of 1960 - Thanks for a wonderful 55th reunion - I'm already looking forward to the next one!  I  lived in the Boston area since 1965.  I always thought I'd move back to Wisconsin one day, but as you know, one thing leads to another and another, and for me, two daughters, three grandchildren, an ex and a great new marriage adding two more grandkids has kept me happily on the east coast. I started a non-profit company in 1984 to teach people about addiction prevention through theater. The actors who tour with the plays are all young people in long-term recovery.  I am still there as Founder and Artistic Director, and thought you would like to see what I've been doing for the past 31 years. We are the Improbable Players, and the website is www.improbableplayers.org
2015 - After the 55th Reunion
Note from Becky Fanning Sohr:
Thanks for the email. I'm sure that I missed a really good time! The booklet filled me in on what is going on with many of our old group...and it is getting to be an old group....but we are still here!! Ron and I have been living in Nashville since 1980 and our four sons and their families are mostly all here...14 grandchildren ...one grandson in Virginia and a granddaughter who just moved to San Francisco..the rest here or in university somewhere. Ron still has an uncle in Racine and a few cousins nearby, but we haven't been back to Wisconsin in a while and they usually come here to visit. I do have a granddaughter that wants to visit at the University of Wisconsin so that may bring us back!   A 75th birthday party sounds fun...if we can all remember to show up!...can't believe we're all that old! Time does fly and things do change! Greetings to everyone from me!  Becky
After the 55th Reunion
9-29-15 from Tom Peterson:

Thank you so much for sending me the reunion picture, which I think is the 20th, the one and only one I attended.  Looking at these pictures sure does bring back memories.  One is after all these years, instead of losing some hair and gaining a few pounds, why couldn't the opposite happen?  Give my best wishes to all my classmates and maybe I can make the 60th.  Moved to Texas in 1966 with a job transfer with a Racine Company & have never had any regrets.  I still have 2 sisters in Racine.  You could always keep up with me by contacting Mary Nielsen.    Thanks again, Tom.
Our 1st reunion was the 10 Yr. in 1970 at
Meadowbrook C.C.
The 1980 -20 Yr. &  1985 - 25 Yr. were held at the
Racine Motor Inn. 
1990 - 30 Yr. we had the big picture taken at Meadowbrook C.C..
 1995, 2000 & 2005 were also held at Meadowbrook C.C.

The **50th** (8th reunion/Sept 17-19 2010) and

"55th" (9th reunion/Sept 25-27 2015) were held
at Infusino's Banquet Hall.
In case you missed the 55th
​You can come to our 10th Reunion " Turning 75 " 
Birthday Party Sept 15-17, 2017
Don't Miss the Fun! 
This Was The Way We Were......
This Was The Way We Were......
30 Year Park High Class Reunion at Meadowbrook C. C. 
June 30th, 1990. 
116 classmates are on the picture. 
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Names of the classmates on the 30th year picture.
The Welcome Table 6-30-1990 Saturday Evening at Our 30th Reunion
25th Reunion at Racine Motor Inn
25th Reunion at Racine Motor Inn
25th Reunion at Racine Motor Inn
Judy Wainwright, Jim Thomas, Patricia Taggert,
Donna Tomasek, Penny Naleid,
Suzanne Mortenson,
Joyce DeLuca, Mary Ellen Daubert, Sharon Hansen, Sue Bown, Tom Knaus, Ted Petrakis, Bill Madsen, Sandy Hansen, 
Jerry Franke and Judy Standish
More pictures from the 25th Reunion @ RMI
More pictures from the 25th Reunion @ RMI
Karen Back, Steve Morgan, Jean Sorensen.  
Marsha G., Shirley G., Carol J., Jeanne Jensen, Ellen S., Sandy H., Gwen E.  
Tom R., Adele G., Jim S. &  ?
Lorraine & Art , Lynn B. &  ?
Jan J., Jim T., Karen M., Chuck O., Sharon H. & Jean S.

Sharon, Jeff, Hanne, Ken, Jan, Jeanne, Karen, Jim, Ellen.
Ron, Jean, Chuck & Art