Park High Class of 1960 - Racine, WI

Park High Class of 1960

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The posted photos of these classmates that passed away are now in In Memoriam or the 2nd page of In Memoriam.  The comments were saved for each photo that was posted.

Mark Stirle, Vernon Spaulding, Robert Bolkelman, Don Davis, Janice Balosky, Judy Modrow & Dan Amundsen's pictures are located on the 2nd page of In Memoriam.


Mark Stirle passed away Saturday August 5th 2023 in Redlands, CA. No obituary at this time. 

Vernon Clare Spaulding, age 81, passed away peacefully at home in Kenosha early Thursday morning, June 15, 2023.  His obituary is posted on FB's Park High Friends.

Robert Bokelman Jr. passed April 23, 2023 in Oshkosh.
His obituary can found in Racine's Journal Times. It is also posted on Facebook's Park High Friends.

Don Davis  passed away in January ? 2023 
No more information unfortunately. 

Janice Balosky (Fornal) passed away Feb. 19, 2023 at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. Mealy Funeral Home,  Waterford. 

Delores Corbin (Henges)  passed away Nov. 25, 2022 in Summerfield, Florida.  Funeral services will be held at Grace Lutheran Church, 3700 Washington Ave on Saturday, January 14, 2023.  Visitation is at 10 AM. No other info.

Lon Putzer, 81, passed away November 27, 2022 in Wauwatosa.  No more info at this time.

Karen Koeper Marquardt passed away at home November 28, 2022. Her obituary is posted in The Daniels Family Funeral Home in Burlington and is also on Park High Friends

Theodore 'Ted' James Petrakis  passed away Sept. 14, 2022 at Ascension All Saints Hospital..  He was 79. He came to our 62nd/80th Birthday Reunion just this last July.  We all were so happy that he was able to come to dinner!
His obituary is posted on Park High Friends. It is also posted on

Kathy Storbeck (Nordstrom)passed away May, 31, 2022 at Seasons Hospice in Oak Creek, WI    Her obituary can be viewed at Draeger-Langendorf Funeral Home.

Mary Drewel Kohlmann passed away on the evening of Mar 21, 2022 at her home in Globe, AZ. Her obituary is in the Racine Journal 5/24/22.  It is also posted on Facebook's Park High Friends.

Wayne R. Schatzmann passed away May 6, 2022 at home in Sturtevant. His obituary is posted in the Journal, Sunday, May 8.

Michele 'Mickey' LaMeer passed away May 12, 2022.
Michele's obituary was just posted in The Journal May 20, 2022. 

Susan Lynch Connors passed away July, 15, 2016 in Madison WI.
Her obituary was posted on FB's Park High Friends private group.

Ken Mee passed away January 18, 2022.  He celebrated his 80th birthday Jan. 2nd. There is no obituary, but his son is writing a tribute to Ken. 

Mike Grayson passed away March 2,2022.  His obituary is in the Journal Times

Joni Christensen Meehan passed away February 2, 2022 in Kenosha, WI.

You can find their photos in In Memoriam and 2nd Page of In Memoriam.

The 75th Birthday Reunion 2017

Skip, Our Golf Scramble Chairman Extraordinaire
& Ted, *Reunions Perfect Attendance*

Art & Hugh

Joni Christensen
and *hubby* Bud Meehan
Kathy Foster - the golf teams photographer
Selfie by Sarah Williams
Hugh and Art photo

First Team Off
Skip's brother, Skip, Hugh & Art

**Brent & Jeanne & Ted**
Gene, Jerry, Dan


Joni & Bud, Jacque & Ken

Jim & Karen & Penny & James

Just Before Our Picnic Lunch in
Johnson Park Club House

Ken, Sheila, Mary, Art, Monica & John

Kathy & Harmony
Marilyn & Judy




Joni & Bud Meehan

Sam & Mary Rogers

Carl & Suzie
Chuck, Skip, Lynn

Karen, Sharon & Sheila

Sam, Ken & Jacque

Art & Jerry
******Time for our Picnic Lunch******
Monica, Sheila, Judy

Leo, Ted, Brent, Dan, Jerry, Penny

Sam & Mary, Sarah & Hugh, Kathy & Skip
Suzie & Carl, Joan, Marilyn, Jeanne, Karen, Jim, Art

Penny & Skip's brother

Chuck, Lynn, Jerry, Dan, Gene, John
Kathy and her Yorkies
What are their name Kathy so I can change this?

Judy & Karen

Suzie & Carl, Joan, Marilyn, Jeanne, Jim, Art, Jane
Getting ready to annouce the Winners!
Sam & Mary, Skip & Kathy

Ken & Jacque
Sharon Burmeister
Joni & Bud

Judy, Joan, Marilyn, Jeanne, Monica

Pizza Party
at Mike & Angelo's Banquet Hall

Many classmates were taking pictures.  If you would like any of them posted, send a copy to jk weiss 617 @ hotmail . com
delete the spaces though in the above address.
Thanks, Karen 

Click on the following pictures to ENLARGE

Jeanne, Lynn, Skip

Joan, Marilyn, Bill, Leo

Ted, Gus, Brent, Hanne, Jay, Joni
Leo & Vincent

Ruth, Joan, Lynn, Gloria

John & Marlyn Johnson, Vincent Savaglio
Click on all pics to enlarge
Click on all pics to enlarge

Hanne Andersen, Kathy Olson & James Driskill, Vincent Savaglio, Leo Svitasky, Joni Christensen & Ted Christensen

John Johnson & Marlyn are in the background
Hanne Andersen & Jay Reopke (being silly),
James & Kathy Olson Driskill


Sam & Sandy
Bill N., Jim W., John G.
Bill N., Jim W., John G.
Bill Nelson, Jim Weiss, John Gunther
Click on to enlarge
Click on to enlarge

Joan Farrell & Marilyn Karlsen

Karen & Tom Knaus, Barbara & Arnold Christensen
Sandy Hansen & Bill Horvath


Ellen Jensen & Karen Knaus
Joan 'Cork' Petersen is behind,
Barb Franke also in line for pizza.

Click on to enlarge.
Click on to enlarge.

Vincent, Mary Jane Clausen & Dave Henry


  Penny Naleid, Jeanne Jensen & Gene Kraning



Barb, Karen, Monica
John & Ted

Vincent, Dale, Brent, Carol
Dan Barb Judy  Jerry 
Gus, Tom, Mike
Gus, Tom, Mike

Gus Petrakis,
Tom Henrickson &
Mike Grayson


Gene, Jeanne, Mary Jane, Dave Henry, Vincent

Click to enlarge & Double Click for Big Picture
Click to enlarge & Double Click for Big Picture
                        Mary Jane, Dave
(holding Prom picture of MJ & D)
& Vincent
This picture will enlarge.
Click to enlarge, click again for big picture of Golfers for the Scramble
Click to enlarge, click again for big picture of Golfers for the Scramble

Marilyn, Sam, Carl & Suzie, Ken, Mary
Dave & Gloria Davis Hess in background.


Mary, Diane, Penny, Ken
Click and double click to enlarge
Click and double click to enlarge
Diane & Ken Kehl,
Mary Rogers & Marilyn

Sharon Burmeister (Franklin),
Toni Metz (Mitchell) & Kay Christensen (McKinley


Marilyn Karlsen Peterson & Sandy Hansen Jensen



Marilyn, Sam & Sandy


Bill Horvath, Bill Nelson, Jay Roepke

Ken, Gloria & Dave Hess
Jeanne Jensen Murphy & Carol Jensen DeWeese

Ted Petrakis, LaMonte Westmoreland, Sam Rogers

Carl - LaMonte - Sam

Kathy Olson, Mary Jane Clausen,Ruth Kohl


Skip & Gus

Click on picture to enlarge
Click on picture to enlarge

Brent & Ken

Joan Petersen & Ruth Kohl

Sandy, Leo

Monica, John, Donna

Ellen, Shirley, Beverly

Beverly Hodgins Costello, Bob Lehmann & Gwen Evans

Jan Bill Tom Hanne

James & Kathy, Marilyn & Joan

Gwen Evans & Shirley Gulbrandson


Gwen - Shirley - Sheila

Kathy Foster, Ken, Diane

Marilyn & Mary Jane

Tom & Karen, Barb & Arnie

Mike & Ken

Jay & Brent

**End of 2017 PIZZA Party pictures.**

Dinner at Infusino's Banquet Hall 9/16/2017


Sue Barna, Carol Jensen, Marla  Boring, Sheila Sipher, Barb Butler, Kay Gaidos, Peggy Herman, Gwen Evans, Sandy Hansen, Kathy Storbeck, Ted Christensen, Brent Kapellusch, Jerry Franke, Dale Weber, Gus Petrakis, Judy Spencer, Toni Metz, Jeanne Jensen,
Karen Monefeldt & Josephine Neff

2017 Dinner Pictures
Jr High Classmates Lined Up
Mitchell Jr. High Won



Russ Schroeder,Kay Christensen, Ellen Jensen, Tom Lange, Leo Svitavsky, Donna  Vaness, Monica Miller, Beverly Hodgins, John Gunther, Karen Manke, Frank Garski,  Marilyn Karlsen, Bill Nelson, Ken Boutell, Dan Amundsen, (Kathy Olson,Kate Speer are on picture below),


Sam Rogers, Tom Kraus, Art Simmons, Lynn Bratley, Skip Foster, Jane Ozowski, Mike Grayson,
Jim Staudiger, Barb Mayfield, Ted Petrakis,
Ken Kehl & Sharon Burmeister.  

Our Danish Layer
Birthday Cake
*Set up Committee*
Beverly, Karen, Barb, Jeanne,
Sheila, Toni, Ellen
**Jeanne Made Up All the Table Centerpieces**

Brent, Dale & Claire, John,
*Greeting Gals*
Toni & Kay

Ken & Jacque Boutell

Josephine Neff & Sue Ellen Christman

Frank Garski & Sue Fortier

Gene Kraning & Russ Schroeder
Gus & Jan Petrakis
Monica, Barb, Ellen, Beverly, Donna

Kathy, Marla, Monica, Barb, Ellen

Ted, Bill, Marilyn

Judy & Dale

Jacque Boutell  & Barb Mayfield

Sandy, Judy, Carol, Sue & David

Beverly, Jane, Suzie & Carl, Mary

Kay Gaidos,
Karen Monefeldt & Hubby Ron

Kate & Mike

Carol, Judy, Gwen, Kathy

Karen & Jim

Kate & Leo

Just to Make Sure


Jeanne & Skip,
Bill, Ted, Sandy, Marilyn, Dave
in background


Jerry & Barb, Judy & Dan


Dan & Judy


Mike, Dale, Sue,
Jacque, Ken, John


Art & Sue

Art & Sue Again

Franklin Jr. High Gathering
Not All Up There Yet !
Brent, Sam, Tom, Art, Jane,
Skip, Mike, Jim, Sharon

Jeanne & Ted

Kathy & James

Peggy & Jim

Tom & Gini
Before Dinner is Served

Dinner Time
Click on to enlarge.
Click on to enlarge.
Brent, Dave, Sue, Ken, Jacque, Judy, Gwen, Barb

Elvis Singing to Lynn & Chuck

Elvis Singing to Jerry
Tom & Gini Lange Watching
Elvis Make His Moves

Sheila Dancing With Elvis
Elvis was All Shook Up
Tom is Laughing
Voice of Elvis - Jon Van Tiel
We All Had a Good Time Listening to Elvis

*Songs We Remember*
Sheila, Barb, Monica, Karen
Great Time!
Dancing to Elvis Singing

“Falling In Love With You”

Gwen Evans and hubby Bob Lehmann
Jeanne Jensen Murphy

Sheila Sipher LoPour

Karen Monefeldt Wampole

Judy Amundsen

Art & Lorraine Simmons

Gus Petrakis with *Teddy from Elvis*

Suzie Bown Brakensiek

Judy with *Teddy from Elvis*

Karen (Tom) Knaus

Josephine Neff

And Ken Kehl

Claire (Dale) Weber

Karen with
John VanTiel - Voice of Elvis

Park High School, early photo.  Opened in 1928, replacing the old Racine High School.  It was built larger than Horlick, which opened in the same year, to accommodate larger population growth on the South and West side of Racine at the time.

Much of the history and memorabilia from Racine High School were moved to Park.  Joan of Arc (donated by the Racine HS Class of 1904), "The Beacon" school newspaper, and the yearbook, "Kipikawi" (Native American name for the Root River) all transfered to Park from Racine HS, the first public school in Wisconsin, 1852.  The "Panther" mascot was named by the class of 1949 after an American Indian mound that was thought to be in the shape of a panther.

Joan of Arc in the library to protect her.
Joan of Arc in the library to protect her.


I just put in an article "Heroes & Refugees" which tells the story of some of our classmates and teachers during WW II.  Also, I reactivated the 4 pages of "Looking Back" a snapshot of our time at Park 1957-1960.  

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**2010 50th Park High Reunion**

50th Reunion Photos Are Posted in Albums
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The reunion photos posted below can also be viewed in the different photo albums.
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Jane Ozowski Marsolek's

55th reunion pictures are on a separate page.
Click on Pictures by JANE OZ in the menu on the right.
We were so young!
When you click on the links below will bring you to YouTube 
 3 Videos of the 35th Reunion - 1995
 I don't know if they will work now due to age and whatever with technology???
Submitted by Karen just so you know this safe!
The 3 videos in YouTube are of the
35th Class Reunion

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